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The Trio Returns

Posted by coreyt0304 on May 16, 2013 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

We saw the return of the former Llanview Three this week.  So far I must say I am liking it.  Howarth, is playing an unnamed character so far but I believe he is going to be a Quatermane or a Cassedine...Or both.  But his character is already defining himself and is very interesting.  Howarth changed his look for the new character, dying his hair blonde, and removing the Manning Scar.  I thought it'd be strange to see him without his scar or see him playing a new character but he is such a phenomenal actor that he is making the new character work.

The same goes for the beautiful and talented Miss Alderson.  Along with the new hair color, comes a feisty new character. Kiki Jerome who is smittingith the recasted Morgan Corinthos.  I still see a little of Starr Manning in her, but a much darker, feisty side of her.  Not to mention the daddy didn't love me enough hint of slut that erupts when she hits on Morgan, not to mention when she attempted to remove her top for Michael.  I mean we already know her father is going to end up being Franco, so it'll make sense that shes pretty screwed up.  I'm just eager to see how screwed up she really is.

And than their was Mr. Michael Easton.  He's played Steven Clay,  Caleb, John Mcbain and now Sylas.  I love his names from Caleb to Silas, they just have an aura of mystique around them. This character is much more sarcastic, and witty compared to the more simply solemn John McBain.  He was sarcastic, and at times just plain rude to Sam, but then she turns a corner after ranting, and hes there watching her, with an intimate, remorseful look.  

Easton's character is going to be like Alderson's character and will have lots of depth.  I don't see Howarth's character being very deep. I see him as being a jerk corporate raider and nothing more but being its Roger Howarth I can guarantee he will make it very entertaining.



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                ELLIE THE NOSY NELLIE!


I am a pretty positive person when it comes to my shows. I try to relate to the characters and rarely do I hate characters, or their actions. Instead I try to comprehend their actions and come up with reasonable excuses for them. However Ellie's new mission to find out what is going on with Maxie and her baby is just plain annoying.


For those of you that don't already know Maxie volunteered to carry her best friends' Lulu and Dante's baby since Lulu couldn't carry. All was well, until she heard something at her door, she opened the door a little puppy ran in and a chase ensued. Maxie ended up taking a tumble and miscarrying the baby. Spinelli her formerly nerdy ex lover was heart sick thinking his girlfriend Ellie had stood him up, but in actuality she was being rushed to General Hospital after being hit by a car. Maxie found Spinelli and the two both hurting found solace in each others arms resulting in Maxie getting pregnant. I tell you what in soap operas you either cant have a baby or you are a damn baby making machine, but there is no in between.


Ellie became suspicious when she heard Maxie and her father discussing the baby and thinking something may be wrong with the baby went on a mission to find out the truth. IT IS NONE OF HER BUSINESS! I am sorry but she is sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. She went from being a very likeable character to being just plain annoying. I mean don't get me wrong shes still adorable, but still not liking her at the moment. Not to mention after finding out that the baby is Spinelli's , it is only going to cause her to be even more nosy, and get even more into Maxie's business. I find it quite amusing that the character went from not wanting to give Spinelli assistance with the tissue to determine if Sam's baby was dead or alive because of ethics and not wanting to make her boss mad, but now she is hacking into the GH records, and getting into the business of a patient. I can safely predict one of two things is going to happen in the next 3-6 months. Either Ellie will do something to redeem herself, or she will be killed off. Personally I love the actress and hope the character is redeemed because I see a lot of long term potential for her character. Which way do you think it will go?

Can't We All Just Get Along?

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An idea that would probably kill the soap genre faster than ABC tried to.  I'm not talking about Todd Manning becoming best friends with Johm McBain.  Or Sonny Corinthos and Jax sharing a nice conversation over a cup of coffee.  I'm talking about this war between General Hospital and Prospect Park.  
For those of you who don't know the story I'll fill you in.  When One Life to Live ended its run, the soap world were ecstatic when Robert Guza was booted from General Hospital after many years reigning terror on our beloved Port Charles crew.  We then heard the new writer, and producer of General Hospital were none other than the former writer and producer of One Life to Live Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati. 

The former OLTL writers wanted to bring in a piece of llanview to keep the shows legacy alive' albeit on another soap.  Thus Todd Manning, John Mcbain, Starr Manning, Blair Cramer, and Tea Delgado made their way to Port Charles.  Fans of One Life to Live were psyched, but some GH fans were not so thrilled.  They believed the new characters take the place of beloved fan favorites.  Personally I was very excited over the prospect of seeing a possible combination of both shows. This of course was before we knew of the rebirth of One Life to Live.  I'll be the first to admit I dont know all the legal reasons behind why the characters were allowed to come to a different show.  The way I figured it, was that the characters were created by Carlivati and Valentini, as well as ABC still holding a certain right to the characters.  But that's just my opinion.  Anyway remember that rebirth I mentioned? Well that as spectacular as it was was the beginning of where things got sticky.  

Prospect Park was brinigng One Life to Live...back to life, giving it a second life. (pardon the pun I couldn't help myself) So they wanted Todd, John, and Starr the three characters that stuck around back.  The problem was all three characters had put down roots in Port Charles.  John was in the midst of a big storyline crossing over not just One Life to Live, and General Hospital but long cancelled General Hospital night time soap spinoff "Port Charles" A dark soap filled with Vampires, angels, and mere mortals.  Todd was finding love with long time trouble maker in her own right Carly Benson Corinthos Jax.  And Starr, poor Starr.  Starr came to Port Charles with her boyfriend Cole Thornhart and daughter Hope.  Within a day of their first appearance Cole and Hope were killed when their car was ran off the road and fell off a cliff.  Even though I am a fan of both OLTL and GH, this was unnecessary and simply sucked.  I know, I know even the writer himself wrote on Twitter "The bodies were never found" but it still was a slight slap in the face to us fans.  So anyway Starr put her life back together and fell in love with Michael Corinthos.  So now PP decides they want the characters back so no more Starr, John or Todd.  They all left town and from what I hear their names cant even be mentioned anymore.  This does nothing but hurt General Hospital and makes people angry at OLTL.  

*KNOCK* *KNOCK* *KNOCK* HEY PROSPECT PARK HINT HINT THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO PISS FANS OFF! THIS IS THE TIME TO COME UP WITH A RESOLUTION!  That ofcourse if it is them who are playing hardball and not just another BS tactic to harm GH by ABC so they can cancel it.  I dont know but all I know is it sucks for us fans.  The actors wanted to all stay on General Hospital okay than make an agreement and find a way to blend it into the OLTL storyline and let the actors go.  Don't let it be like prison and force the actors to go where they dont want to.  It is just so frustrating as a fan because I know thatit doesn't have to be so dramatic.  Save the drama for on screen not off screen.