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Metamorphoses & Downfall of Nick Fallon

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Metamorphoses & Downfall of Nick Fallon

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I started watching Days of Our Lives during the Salem Stalker/Melaswen storyline in late 2003. I've seen many characters come and go. I went with the punches for most of them such as Lucas Roberts and his many exits and returns. Or more recently, Melanie Layton/Jonas (Molly Burnett). Few have bothered me, but I am no robot some exits did hurt such as Belle (Kirsten Storms) and Shawn (Jason Cook) Although one that bothered me, more than any other was Nick Fallon (Blake Berris). I didn't understand why the powers that be were cutting a young cast member who was at the top of his game.


Nick Fallon came to town as the aloof, soft hearted science geek that is called upon to try and help save Kayla Brady. He ends up helping save Kayla's life and decides to stick around Salem. Nick finds himself enamored with Chelsea Brady (Rachel Melvin). Nick is attracted to Chelsea's dark, somewhat rude disposition and believes there is more to her. Chelsea on the other hand sees nothing of Nick but his geeky exterior. That is unless she needs a favor and she lays the flirting on thick. Nick wanting to show Chelsea that he is not just a geek decides to create an online personality to comment on Chelsea's “Angry Angel” video blog. The two hit it off, unbeknownst to Chelsea she was talking to her nerdy not so secret admirer.. Needless to say when Chelsea found out about Nick and his online deceit that caused the “Angry Angel” to fall for him. Unbeknownst to Nick, Chelsea was starting to see him as more than a friend but once she found out that it was him and not his tall, hansom colleague. She was heart broken by his deceit claiming that he was her friend and he hurt her so never wanted to see her again. Completely heart broken Nick turned to Billie Reed (Julie Pinson), Chelsea's mother for support. Billie had that same night fallen off the wagon and was very drunk when Nick appeared at her doorstep. The two ended up having a fling but regretted it immediately after and swore never to tell a soul.


Eventually Chelsea forgives him, and Nick tutors her in math. Nick gives in to her desires and kisses Chelsea, who returns the kiss. I loved this storyline the geek getting the hot bad ass girl because at the time, I was the shy high school guy so I lived vicariously through Nick. This unfortunately is when his character took a bad turn because the two ended when Chelsea fell for a new doctor who comes to town' a Doctor Daniel Jonas. Nick eventually falls for a new girl, yet another bad girl Melanie Layton. Nick is shot when rescuing Melanie. He is put on a certain medicine in pill form that he becomes addicted to. They transform his personality and he becomes obsessed with Melanie and at one point kidnaps her. Nick is arrested when its revealed he murdered Melanie's “father” who used and abused her when she was growing up and had returned to wreak more havoc on her life. The drugs are blamed for Nick's behavior but he is still sent to prison for a few years. (Quick side note: Hope Brady nearly set her husband ablaze due to personality changing pills but SHE wasn't prosecuted, but Nick had to do time...Yup that makes sense.)


When Nick returns in late 2012 he is less the sweet goofy nerd he is when he arrived the first time, and more the slightly psychotic, obsessive character he is when he exits the first time. They destroyed his character making him dislike homosexual character Will Horton and many times hints its because he's gay. He goes out of his way and takes extreme measures to keep Will away from Gabi (Camila Banus ). Gabi is Nicks current girlfriend and Will's ex girlfriend whom is having his child. This twist on the Nick character really bugs me, and disappoints me. I was hoping for more of the sweet guy that made Nick one of my favorite characters. I understand that every soap needs a villain but many other characters currently on the show can make a better villain than him. Nick didn't need to be sacrificed.