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When we last saw Viki and Clint....

Posted by coreyt0304 on April 28, 2013 at 9:45 AM

Hello fans, friends and family of our beloved soap One Life to Live. I figured with a mere ONE DAY until the resurrection of our soap, i'd discuss Viki and Clint and their journey to each other. 

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Viki Lord and Clint Buchanan have been through hell and back together.  Both are unique and very complex characters.  Both have their darkside, but Viki is much softer and more loving than her current love interest Clint.. Clint had a heart attack and was up for a heart transplant, but the list was long of people needing a transplant. Clint found out that Gigi Morasco had seemingly died. Gigi is the love of Rex Balsom. The son of Clint's who Clint went out of his way to prevent Rex from finding out claiming he was not fit to be a member of his family. However after bargaining with; and being blackmailed by a distraught and desperate Rex Balsom, Clint was given the heart of a dead Morasco, seemingly Gigi's. Clint was forced to turn over his businesses and his mansion to Rex. However before finding out he was getting the heart, thinking he was on his deathbed he decided to die with a clear conscience and confessed to many crimes he had committed during the past year. Ranging from being responsible for his brothers wife to nearly be raped, hiring hitmen to rough up his daughters boyfriend, and even being responsible for hospital records being tampered with.

Clint is then put on house arrest and is residing in the home of one Viki Lord, his former love. The two start to rekindle their love when an old flame of Clint's arrives. Viki and Rex go to find information about a possibly not-so-dead Gigi but before she leaves Viki goes to say goodbye to Clint. She walks in and sees his old, much younger flame Kimberly in his arms kissing him. Kimberly finds out the whole ordeal with Rex and goes to his biological mother Echo and blackmails her into making Rex give Clint his life back. Rex laughs in her face, and refuses. So Echo decided the only logical choice is forgery. She signs Rex's name on the papers. Rex catches her but in a much better place now, willingly offers Clint all of his assets back. Clint in return told him to keep his mansion.

Once all that commotion is over Kimberly tells Clint that she loves him and wants a second chance to prove her love for him. Unfortunately for the sexy Kimberly, Clint's new heart much like his old heart is spoken for.  He is falling back into love with Viki.  Viki and Rex come back from their trip and Viki is none to happy with Clint.  The last Viki saw of Clint was when his lips were locked in a kiss with Kimberly.  But Clint confesses his undying love for Viki and states that nothing is ever going to happen with Kimberly and that Viki is his one true love.  The duo of Viki and Clint are together once more.  Days later its revealed that Gigi is alive and Clint has the heart of Gigi's evil sister. Rex and Gigi get married in Viki's home. The night of their nuptials the town is struck with a massive blackout caused by inmates at a local prison that just so happens holds many of the villains of Llanview through the years.

Allison Perkins arrives during the blackout. She was a disciple of Mitch Laurence before being arrested, and remained so in prison. Mitch was a cruel evil man who loved to wreak havoc on the life of Viki and her family. He also was believed to be the father of Viki's daughter Jessica which feeds his obsession for a long time. Allison arrives while the family is preoccupied trying to get Natalie Viki and Clints daughter free from Mitch who had kidnapped her in order to hold her up until his daughter Jessica agreed to go with him. Allison who is holding a gun on Viki and Clint reveals that Mitch was crazy and if she didnt switch the tests years ago that claimed Jessica was Mitch's daughter he would of killed Allison. So Allison changed the results to save herself. Allison shoots Viki and continues to rant as Clint collapses suffering yet another heart attack. They are eventually rescued and both make full recoveries and the last we hear of Viki and Clint, Clint proposes to Viki.

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