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When We Last saw Mathew and Destiny.

Posted by coreyt0304 on April 29, 2013 at 12:30 AM

Mathew Buchanan and Destiny Evans had quite the complicated relationship leading up to OLTL fading to black.  Matthew met and befriended a feisty and sometimes too intelligent for her own good Destiny Evans.  Mathew met her when he felt very alone in a big school.  Destiny didn't see the point in fitting in.  She didn't believe in conforming.  Matthew tries impress a girl named Becca Salzman so he lies to his parents and informs them he smokes weed.  In a rage they almost send him to reform school until his parents find out that he is lying.  Mathew thinks Becca likes him as well, when she dances with him at a school dance. Unfortunately its a dare and  her, and her friend, humiliate Matthew publicly by announcing it at the dance.  Matthew runs out and urges Cole whom is a friend of the family and a drug addict currently high on drugs, to drive him away.  Even knowing of his less than sober state.  They crash, and Matthew is paralyzed from the waist down indefinitely


He is devastated by the news, but does not blame Cole, the person that was driving because it was Mathew's own choice to get in the car.  A young doctor named Greg Evans who happens to be Destiny's older brother.  Greg claims that he can perform the difficult surgery and give Mathew back the ability to walk.  However Bo and Nora, Mathews parents are horrified of the complications that could arise and forbids the surgery from happening.  Mathew decides to take his choices into his own hands.  He calls upon lawyer Téa Delgado (Florencia Lozano) to sue his parents for the right to make his own decision about the surgery.  Bo and Nora (who are at this time not together and Nora is involved with Bo's brother Clint) bond before Nora's marriage to Clint Buchanan (Jerry verDorn), and while hidden Matthew and Destiny see them kiss.  After the wedding, Matthew threatens to tell Clint if his parents do not allow him to have the surgery.  But not to be blackmailed his parents refuse.  But showing his love for his parents and his uncle he decides not to reveal the truth.  However, when In court, Tea the sharp, sometimes cold blooded lawyer attempts to use the secret that Mathew ordered her not to use, against his parents.  Mathew fires Tea after she is cruel to Matthew's half-sister Rachel Gannon on the stand,   Mathew ultimately ends up winning the case and is allowed to proceed with the surgery.  However Bo and Nora still have a trick up their sleeves.  A trick I still wonder how it could of been legal in anyway.  Bo and Nora send Matthew away to a boarding school in London.  But he ends up meeting Danielle who happens to be Téa's daughter.  Both are trapped there for different reasons but with the help of a perfectly timed visit from Mathew's best friend Destiny, the teens escape.  Matthew has the surgery and regains his ability to walk.  Deciding to come forward and confess something big to Mathew Destiny comes forward and confesses that she is in love with him.  But unfortunately Mathew olnly sees Destiny as a friend. (I hate the friendzone.)  Matthew soon shares a kiss with Dani; and the two eventually begin dating. However a school musical ends up being the thing that ends their relationship.  Dani meets Nate Salinger and is soon smitting.. Dani falls for Nate and dumps Matthew at, of all places his parents wedding.  Trying to be in his own way a loving supportive brother, Mathew's older brother David Vickers hires young Mathew a prostitute.  Heart broken, Matthew almost sleeps with her but instead he pays her not to sleep with him.  Mathew still hurt, decides to take his aggression out on Nate.  He ueses many occasions to torture and harm Nate.  Such as harassing him at the country club, where Matthew is a member and Nate works. And even points Nate out to a thug and the thug kidnaps and used for ransom to get money from Nate's girlfriend Dani and her father, Todd Manning.  

  (to left) Mathew, his father Bo, his uncle Clint, and (right) his brother David)

Matthew goes to work for his uncle Clint at Buchanan Enterprises.  He catches Rex Balsom breaking into Clint's office to gather information leading to Rex's biological father (who turns out to be Clint), and Mathew turns him over to security.  This information is useful and is used many times by Clint to blackmail Rex and Rex's biological mother Echo.  Clint hatches a plan to get Inez (who is Nate's mother) to seduce Bo, and has Eddie Ford (Nate's abusive crazy father) kidnap Nora.  Clint manipulates and lies to Mathew and convinces him that his parents are both cheating.  Mathew goes to Inez's apartment and sees his father, who is unknown to Mathew drugged.  Inez kisses Bo and sends Mathew into a tailspin and he leaves heart broken.  As he's driving away and calling Clint at the same time he nearly collides with a car that happens to have Rex and Nora in it.after Rex had rescued Nora from Eddie's room at the Minuteman Hotel.  Eddie was murdered, by whom, we dont yet know.  Destiny finds out her parents are her grandparents and her older brother Greg is her biological father, and tells her entire family she is done with them.  Both heart broken and vulnerable Matthew and Destiny share their first kiss,  Inez eventually is so guilty about the whole ordeal she admits that she had drugged Bo, and the two had not had sex.  Rex still gathering information about Clint while on the hunt for his biological father, finds evidence that Clint was at the Minuteman Hotel.  Bo and Nora are forced to charge Clint which is when Clint decides to reveal to the loving pair, that he was covering for Matthew, and has a recording of Matthew confessing.  He gives them the tape shocking the couple.  Clint went to the Minuteman to get rid of any evidence. Bo and Nora drop the charges against Clint.  A reporter wanting information why the charges were dropped goes to Desiny.  She antagonizes and manipulates Destiny for information about the whole ordeal.  Destiny accidentally implies that Matthew killed Eddie.  Matthew confesses everything to Destiny.  She tries comforting Matthew and the duo end up having sex for the first time.  

Later Destiny confides in Dani that Matthew killed Eddie and she ran and told her boyfriend Nate resulting in an argument between Nate and Matthew which ends in Matthew getting punched, and hitting his head on the coffee table. Clint confesses to the murder of Eddie ford to protect Mathew since Clint believes he wont receive a new heart and will soon die, this news crushes Mathew. He finally comes forward and confesses to his parents and as he does so he collapses.  He regains consciousness once at the hospital but is disoriented and doesnt know what year it is.  Matthew undergoes emergency surgery for a brain injury.  After the surgery Matthew falls into a coma. Mathew finally awakens weeks later but only temporarily.  Bo and Nora send him to a facility nearby.  Destiny finds out she is pregnant. which she then confesses to an unconscious Matthew.  Matthew flatlines before he is revived, and wakes up after a six month long coma.  What is the first thing he sees? A very pregnant Destiny and is shocked to say the least when he finds out that he is the father.  Mathew confides in Destiny that he doesn't know how he feels about being a teenage father.  Mathew becomes a spoiled brat and doesnt pay much attention to Destiny for awhile not wanting to accept the fact that he is going to be a father.  But after a pep talk from David, Matthews brain finally starts working and he agrees to be a father to his child. Destiny and Matthew brought their son Drew named after his later brother into the world at the end of One life to live right before things turned to black and we thought that was the last we saw of our llanview family. Starting tomorrow (April 29th) a whole new chapter begins involving Dani, Destiny, Mathew, Bo and Nora.  What will happpen? we will have to wait and see.

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