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One Life To Live: Progress Report

Posted by coreyt0304 on May 15, 2013 at 10:25 AM


One Life to Live is about to finish its third week of its reboot.  We have seen the veterans of OLTL lighting up the screen as Viki and Dorian reignite their feud.  We've seen a shocking return in Victor Lord Jr, and even a few murder attempts.  One Life to Live definitely succeeded in picking up right where it left off, but with some hit and misses on the way.

I am happy and relieved about the fact, that the new regime that now operates One Life haven't forgotten or ignored past history and storylines. I feared that they'd do more of a remake and characters would be interacting strangely with people from their past, or that characters wouldn't be acting like themselves.  However that is not the case.  Viki and Dorian have reignited their feud, the latest shot fired being from Dorian setting Viki up to lose everything, and now its just a waiting game as if waiting for the train to go off the track.  Natalie is as beautiful as ever, and still has her feisty fiery personality, as she interacts with Cutter, or her sweet side as she interacts with her Uncle Bo.  They have done a bit of a reboot in a sense with Nora.  She discussed with Bo an old college radio show she hosted, and the next thing we know she is set up with her own online radio show.  I'm intrigued where this is going.  The Tale of Two Todds has continued with the new show as well.  Many wondered what would happen with Todd and Victor, since the last we saw of One Life to Live Alison Perkins had Victor tied to a bed.  We got our answer on the first episode when Victor returned in the cloak of darkness and reunited with his kids, Tea, and his brother Todd.  As the show began to take off, Victor tried to poison Todd, and even strangle him, but failed to keep Todd down.  Victor has once again left town which I know I'm not the only fan disappointed about that and hope its not long term.

The writers have succeeded in implementing Newbie Corbin Bleu into the mix.  When I heard about Bleu's arrival in Llanview I have to admit I was a bit nervous.  Nothing against the young actor, I just feared it'd be the beginning of a parade of new characters taking over the show, and that isn't what any of us wanted.  I am pleased to see I was wrong and instead he has meshed well with OLTL veterans Erika Slezak and Kelley Missal. and his character Jeffrey has perfectly been planted into the Llanview population without overpowering us with too much of him, like shows tend to do when introducing new characters.

I have sung the praises of the new show, but one thing does stick out as a not so positive aspect.  The length of the show I feel hinders it a bit.  In a sense its great, because we don't have any filler scenes, but at the same time the extra time could be used to get more of characters we don't see much of, such as Natalie.  Take the latest episodes for example. The last we saw Todd was on the floor unconscious we don't know if he was alive or dead, than the next episode he is in his hospital room, up and complaining...Did we miss something? I think a few more minutes would help.  


Overall I'd give One Life to Live a B+.  A show that had been dead for over a year, has risen from the dead successfully.  Sure episodes could be longer, but it still has succeeded in every other aspect.  Every episode ends leaving you wanting more.  I can definitely see the online experiment working well for One Life to Live and see it having a long lasting life integrated online.


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