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The Trio Returns

Posted by coreyt0304 on May 16, 2013 at 11:45 AM

We saw the return of the former Llanview Three this week.  So far I must say I am liking it.  Howarth, is playing an unnamed character so far but I believe he is going to be a Quatermane or a Cassedine...Or both.  But his character is already defining himself and is very interesting.  Howarth changed his look for the new character, dying his hair blonde, and removing the Manning Scar.  I thought it'd be strange to see him without his scar or see him playing a new character but he is such a phenomenal actor that he is making the new character work.

The same goes for the beautiful and talented Miss Alderson.  Along with the new hair color, comes a feisty new character. Kiki Jerome who is smittingith the recasted Morgan Corinthos.  I still see a little of Starr Manning in her, but a much darker, feisty side of her.  Not to mention the daddy didn't love me enough hint of slut that erupts when she hits on Morgan, not to mention when she attempted to remove her top for Michael.  I mean we already know her father is going to end up being Franco, so it'll make sense that shes pretty screwed up.  I'm just eager to see how screwed up she really is.

And than their was Mr. Michael Easton.  He's played Steven Clay,  Caleb, John Mcbain and now Sylas.  I love his names from Caleb to Silas, they just have an aura of mystique around them. This character is much more sarcastic, and witty compared to the more simply solemn John McBain.  He was sarcastic, and at times just plain rude to Sam, but then she turns a corner after ranting, and hes there watching her, with an intimate, remorseful look.  

Easton's character is going to be like Alderson's character and will have lots of depth.  I don't see Howarth's character being very deep. I see him as being a jerk corporate raider and nothing more but being its Roger Howarth I can guarantee he will make it very entertaining.


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