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We knew long ago that Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson, and Roger Howarth were forced to leave General Hospital due to the lawsuit involving ABCD and Prospect Park.  We also knew that they would be returning but under new roles.  What we are yet to find out is what our favorite crossover soap stars new roles will be on General Hospital.  Websites are speculating, that Howarth may be a Jason Morgan recast, or perhaps a member of the new evolving Jerome family.  Alderson is also rumored to be a member of the Jerome family, or perhaps a recasted Serena Baldwin.  Easton is rumored to be a new cop coming in, or a member of the Morley clan. I cant stress enough that these are all rumors but one thing that is fact, is that this soap fan, and blog writer is very excited to see the return of these three phenomenal stars.

                                                        NEW EPISODES ARRIVE!

The first new episodes of OLTL and AMC have finally arrived.  After nearly two years off the air the soaps have started up once more and are better then ever.  For more information and spoilers turn to my blog. TO watch the episodes head over to


My discovery of soap operas started long ago.  When I saw a few passing scenes of Luke (Anthony Geary) and Lucky (Jonathan Jackson).  But it wasn't until 2003 when my aunt was awaiting for Days Of Our Lives to get over, and her soap PASSIONS to come on.  I am walking through the living room, look at the TV and see a body fall out of a pinata on the conclusion of Days Of Our Lives.  I knew I had to tune in the next day to find out what was going on.  I then stayed a loyal “DOOL” fan for eight years.  In 2006 the second half of my first and my favorite “soap super couple” was leaving the show. Jason Cook was exiting the show, after Kirsten Storms left the show two years earlier.  Rumors had been flying that Cook would be going to General Hospital to reunite with Storms.  I then started to tune in to General Hospital awaiting for the arrival of Jason Cook and I fell in love with the show and all of the characters. Carly, Sonny, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and my favorite of them all Spinelli. I was the nerd who never got the girl so I lived vicariously through Spinelli.

Jason Cook came and went on General Hospital but my love and devotion for this sudser did not.  I then heard of the upcoming demise of One Life To Live and thanks to RavenBeauty on Facebook I was aware of the going-ons behind the scenes.  I immediately tuned in to One Life and fell in love.  It was a bittersweet feeling preparing to watch the series finale of my new favorite soap.  Realizing the show was not being booted because it was poor, but because of network executives with ulterior motives.  I tuned in, and watched the likes of Viki Lord Buchanan Banks...etc. I watched Viki and her many alter egos proving how phenomenal an actress Erika Slezak truly is. I particularly was a fan of the Morasco clan. Gigi, her eventual husband Rex, and their son Shane.  The true to life storyline that ensued with Shane being mercilessly picked on by the bully known as Jack Manning son of long time bad boy, and psychopath Todd Manning.  One Life to Live had a variety of characters and storylines, unlike Days of Our Lives which was more centered around the same few people everyday.  One Life, and General Hospital have more variety for its fans.

While One Life to Live was on borrowed time, and we were all just waiting for January 13, 2012.  For the final episode of One Life to air a white knight came into the picture.  A white knight known as Prospect Park.  The company bought One Life to Live in hopes of bringing it to the internet and give the show a new home.  Unfortunately November of 2011 saw news break that broke the hearts of every soap fan.  One Life to Live and All My Children were dead.  Plans to resuscitate the series had fallen apart.  Months went by, hopes of our soaps survival was growing slim.  The clock struck zero.  The series finale came and went. We all our teary goodbye to the folks of llanview.  Shots were heard, hugs were shared, couples were reunited.  A very well fitting finale for a spectacular show.  However our hearts couldn't completely be satisfied.  With the promise of a revival, to have it taken away it left a void even with the fitting finale.

A year went by, I was surfing around twitter when suddenly I saw a very shocking, hopeful and possily crushing headline. “Holiday Miracle PROSPECT PARK BACK ON TRACK TO REVIVE ALL MY CHILDREN & ONE LIFE TO LIVE”.  Like the old saying goes “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.  I wasn't getting my hopes up, only to have them crushed.  But as time went on, they got a studio, a staff and a cast.  Yet still we weren't all buying it.  Until we heard the show was in production. That is when the celebrations started.  Our beloved soaps were coming back from the dead after a year of being buried.  Many of the cast is old favorites. Viki Lord, Dorian, Blair, Tea, and the list goes on. It looks to be aimed toward a younger crowd with a new setting being a night club, and characters Destiny Evans and Mathew Buchanan were re-casted with older actor/actresses. Cast new and old, I am looking forward to Monday where I can see all the hard work that everybody including us fans has created. If you have ever been a fan of One Life to Live, All My Children or any soap opera, or just want to try something new and entertaining tune in to HULU.COM on Monday for a new era for soap operas.

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