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                                                                   MY OWN SOAP OPERA.

My name is Corey Taylor.  I am 25 years old and have had quite the journey thus far.  I was born with a cranio facial deformity and had a serious cleft pallot.  The casing holding my brain was caving in.  My nose had no bone structure and was simply two pinholes, leaving me with no nasal airway.  My left eye was under-developed causing me to have no vision in that eye, and with limited vision in my right it left me legally blind.  My story doesnt start or stop with my deformity but it is a factor in it.  I grew up living a fairly normal life and when I needed a break soap operas was my break.  It still is.  I wrote for a newspaper for two years as an interim and decided to keep working on my writing skills and while doign so, write about something I'm passionate about.  I made this site both as a tribute for soap operas and as a way to speak my opinion about the current going ons in the soap world.