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The Trio Returns

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We saw the return of the former Llanview Three this week.  So far I must say I am liking it.  Howarth, is playing an unnamed character so far but I believe he is going to be a Quatermane or a Cassedine...Or both.  But his character is already defining himself and is very interesting.  Howarth changed his look for the new character, dying his hair blonde, and removing the Manning Scar.  I thought it'd be strange to see him without his scar or see him playing a new character but he is such a phenomenal actor that he is making the new character work.

The same goes for the beautiful and talented Miss Alderson.  Along with the new hair color, comes a feisty new character. Kiki Jerome who is smittingith the recasted Morgan Corinthos.  I still see a little of Starr Manning in her, but a much darker, feisty side of her.  Not to mention the daddy didn't love me enough hint of slut that erupts when she hits on Morgan, not to mention when she attempted to remove her top for Michael.  I mean we already know her father is going to end up being Franco, so it'll make sense that shes pretty screwed up.  I'm just eager to see how screwed up she really is.

And than their was Mr. Michael Easton.  He's played Steven Clay,  Caleb, John Mcbain and now Sylas.  I love his names from Caleb to Silas, they just have an aura of mystique around them. This character is much more sarcastic, and witty compared to the more simply solemn John McBain.  He was sarcastic, and at times just plain rude to Sam, but then she turns a corner after ranting, and hes there watching her, with an intimate, remorseful look.  

Easton's character is going to be like Alderson's character and will have lots of depth.  I don't see Howarth's character being very deep. I see him as being a jerk corporate raider and nothing more but being its Roger Howarth I can guarantee he will make it very entertaining.


One Life To Live: Progress Report

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One Life to Live is about to finish its third week of its reboot.  We have seen the veterans of OLTL lighting up the screen as Viki and Dorian reignite their feud.  We've seen a shocking return in Victor Lord Jr, and even a few murder attempts.  One Life to Live definitely succeeded in picking up right where it left off, but with some hit and misses on the way.

I am happy and relieved about the fact, that the new regime that now operates One Life haven't forgotten or ignored past history and storylines. I feared that they'd do more of a remake and characters would be interacting strangely with people from their past, or that characters wouldn't be acting like themselves.  However that is not the case.  Viki and Dorian have reignited their feud, the latest shot fired being from Dorian setting Viki up to lose everything, and now its just a waiting game as if waiting for the train to go off the track.  Natalie is as beautiful as ever, and still has her feisty fiery personality, as she interacts with Cutter, or her sweet side as she interacts with her Uncle Bo.  They have done a bit of a reboot in a sense with Nora.  She discussed with Bo an old college radio show she hosted, and the next thing we know she is set up with her own online radio show.  I'm intrigued where this is going.  The Tale of Two Todds has continued with the new show as well.  Many wondered what would happen with Todd and Victor, since the last we saw of One Life to Live Alison Perkins had Victor tied to a bed.  We got our answer on the first episode when Victor returned in the cloak of darkness and reunited with his kids, Tea, and his brother Todd.  As the show began to take off, Victor tried to poison Todd, and even strangle him, but failed to keep Todd down.  Victor has once again left town which I know I'm not the only fan disappointed about that and hope its not long term.

The writers have succeeded in implementing Newbie Corbin Bleu into the mix.  When I heard about Bleu's arrival in Llanview I have to admit I was a bit nervous.  Nothing against the young actor, I just feared it'd be the beginning of a parade of new characters taking over the show, and that isn't what any of us wanted.  I am pleased to see I was wrong and instead he has meshed well with OLTL veterans Erika Slezak and Kelley Missal. and his character Jeffrey has perfectly been planted into the Llanview population without overpowering us with too much of him, like shows tend to do when introducing new characters.

I have sung the praises of the new show, but one thing does stick out as a not so positive aspect.  The length of the show I feel hinders it a bit.  In a sense its great, because we don't have any filler scenes, but at the same time the extra time could be used to get more of characters we don't see much of, such as Natalie.  Take the latest episodes for example. The last we saw Todd was on the floor unconscious we don't know if he was alive or dead, than the next episode he is in his hospital room, up and complaining...Did we miss something? I think a few more minutes would help.  


Overall I'd give One Life to Live a B+.  A show that had been dead for over a year, has risen from the dead successfully.  Sure episodes could be longer, but it still has succeeded in every other aspect.  Every episode ends leaving you wanting more.  I can definitely see the online experiment working well for One Life to Live and see it having a long lasting life integrated online.



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                ELLIE THE NOSY NELLIE!


I am a pretty positive person when it comes to my shows. I try to relate to the characters and rarely do I hate characters, or their actions. Instead I try to comprehend their actions and come up with reasonable excuses for them. However Ellie's new mission to find out what is going on with Maxie and her baby is just plain annoying.


For those of you that don't already know Maxie volunteered to carry her best friends' Lulu and Dante's baby since Lulu couldn't carry. All was well, until she heard something at her door, she opened the door a little puppy ran in and a chase ensued. Maxie ended up taking a tumble and miscarrying the baby. Spinelli her formerly nerdy ex lover was heart sick thinking his girlfriend Ellie had stood him up, but in actuality she was being rushed to General Hospital after being hit by a car. Maxie found Spinelli and the two both hurting found solace in each others arms resulting in Maxie getting pregnant. I tell you what in soap operas you either cant have a baby or you are a damn baby making machine, but there is no in between.


Ellie became suspicious when she heard Maxie and her father discussing the baby and thinking something may be wrong with the baby went on a mission to find out the truth. IT IS NONE OF HER BUSINESS! I am sorry but she is sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. She went from being a very likeable character to being just plain annoying. I mean don't get me wrong shes still adorable, but still not liking her at the moment. Not to mention after finding out that the baby is Spinelli's , it is only going to cause her to be even more nosy, and get even more into Maxie's business. I find it quite amusing that the character went from not wanting to give Spinelli assistance with the tissue to determine if Sam's baby was dead or alive because of ethics and not wanting to make her boss mad, but now she is hacking into the GH records, and getting into the business of a patient. I can safely predict one of two things is going to happen in the next 3-6 months. Either Ellie will do something to redeem herself, or she will be killed off. Personally I love the actress and hope the character is redeemed because I see a lot of long term potential for her character. Which way do you think it will go?

Metamorphoses & Downfall of Nick Fallon

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Metamorphoses & Downfall of Nick Fallon

(Courtesy of

I started watching Days of Our Lives during the Salem Stalker/Melaswen storyline in late 2003. I've seen many characters come and go. I went with the punches for most of them such as Lucas Roberts and his many exits and returns. Or more recently, Melanie Layton/Jonas (Molly Burnett). Few have bothered me, but I am no robot some exits did hurt such as Belle (Kirsten Storms) and Shawn (Jason Cook) Although one that bothered me, more than any other was Nick Fallon (Blake Berris). I didn't understand why the powers that be were cutting a young cast member who was at the top of his game.


Nick Fallon came to town as the aloof, soft hearted science geek that is called upon to try and help save Kayla Brady. He ends up helping save Kayla's life and decides to stick around Salem. Nick finds himself enamored with Chelsea Brady (Rachel Melvin). Nick is attracted to Chelsea's dark, somewhat rude disposition and believes there is more to her. Chelsea on the other hand sees nothing of Nick but his geeky exterior. That is unless she needs a favor and she lays the flirting on thick. Nick wanting to show Chelsea that he is not just a geek decides to create an online personality to comment on Chelsea's “Angry Angel” video blog. The two hit it off, unbeknownst to Chelsea she was talking to her nerdy not so secret admirer.. Needless to say when Chelsea found out about Nick and his online deceit that caused the “Angry Angel” to fall for him. Unbeknownst to Nick, Chelsea was starting to see him as more than a friend but once she found out that it was him and not his tall, hansom colleague. She was heart broken by his deceit claiming that he was her friend and he hurt her so never wanted to see her again. Completely heart broken Nick turned to Billie Reed (Julie Pinson), Chelsea's mother for support. Billie had that same night fallen off the wagon and was very drunk when Nick appeared at her doorstep. The two ended up having a fling but regretted it immediately after and swore never to tell a soul.


Eventually Chelsea forgives him, and Nick tutors her in math. Nick gives in to her desires and kisses Chelsea, who returns the kiss. I loved this storyline the geek getting the hot bad ass girl because at the time, I was the shy high school guy so I lived vicariously through Nick. This unfortunately is when his character took a bad turn because the two ended when Chelsea fell for a new doctor who comes to town' a Doctor Daniel Jonas. Nick eventually falls for a new girl, yet another bad girl Melanie Layton. Nick is shot when rescuing Melanie. He is put on a certain medicine in pill form that he becomes addicted to. They transform his personality and he becomes obsessed with Melanie and at one point kidnaps her. Nick is arrested when its revealed he murdered Melanie's “father” who used and abused her when she was growing up and had returned to wreak more havoc on her life. The drugs are blamed for Nick's behavior but he is still sent to prison for a few years. (Quick side note: Hope Brady nearly set her husband ablaze due to personality changing pills but SHE wasn't prosecuted, but Nick had to do time...Yup that makes sense.)


When Nick returns in late 2012 he is less the sweet goofy nerd he is when he arrived the first time, and more the slightly psychotic, obsessive character he is when he exits the first time. They destroyed his character making him dislike homosexual character Will Horton and many times hints its because he's gay. He goes out of his way and takes extreme measures to keep Will away from Gabi (Camila Banus ). Gabi is Nicks current girlfriend and Will's ex girlfriend whom is having his child. This twist on the Nick character really bugs me, and disappoints me. I was hoping for more of the sweet guy that made Nick one of my favorite characters. I understand that every soap needs a villain but many other characters currently on the show can make a better villain than him. Nick didn't need to be sacrificed.

And So It Begins

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I was on Hulu watching the OLTL preview videos, preparing for the revival.  Suddenly something changed on the screen.  An hour and a half before One Life To Live Episode 1 was set to go up...IT WAS UP!  I grabbed my ice tea, grabbed my pop corn I was ready.  

Viki Lord being the first one seen was very fitting.  Her and Clint talking a bit and then revealing the article about Dorian.  Viki is all set to get her boxing gloves on for yet another round with Dorian.  The feud between Viki and Dorian is legendary and another legendary round is brewing.  

(Viki & Dorian at the start of their feud years ago.)

The next we see David Vickers talking to a camera man who i believe he calls "Liam" sorta made me nervous.  I was thinking WAIT A MINUTE LIAM? ...TELL ME THEY DIDN'T SORAS HIM FROM A NEW BORN TO A 20+ YEAR OLD IN A YEARS TIME. But luckily that was not the case as the next scene featured Natalie and her baby boy Liam.  Natalie tells him shes going to a big party.  


The Buchanan household is seen and yelling is heard. Bo Buchanan is having a major argument with his son Mathew. Why, you ask? "OXY ITS THAT DAMN OXY CRAP" And presents Nora with a baggie of pills. Mathew says its not his, and more or less seemed to move out of his house.  Tea is still so distraught over the loss of her baby.  You can see that she is not mentally stable right now.  She is so torn up over the whole thing. Her baby being born in a cabin, having a crazy woman tell her it was fine, having Todd Manning help switch Tea's real baby with Sam McCall's on General Hospital.  Tea finally found out the truth and clearly it is killing her.  Someone else is feeling the pain to. Poor Dani.  She is clearly aching for some parental guidance but right now her mother is in no condition to give it to her, and her father? Well we'll get to that later.  


I would like to say the first bit of scandali clad ladies is seen early on.  We see Natalie Buchanan in an open robe draped over her and a lovely shot of her in bra and panties.  Now yes I am a guy, who watches and writes about soaps, and people question it but I am as straight as they come and its scenes like that; the lovely Melissa Archer is a perfect example of the beautiful women I tell people about when it comes to the soap opera genre.  She has a babysitter for Liam and is off to party at Blair's club remodeled and renamed.  

 (The beautiful Melissa Archer AKA Natalie)


Welcome to Shelter!  Shelter a very loud upbeat nightclub owned by Blair, promoted by Cutter Wentworth.  It appears he has turned over yet another new leaf.  How many leaves does this dude have? He even makes a move on Natalie and the two shared a glance.  Shelter seems to be the new place to be in llanview.  All the kids are there.  Jack who informs his sister, Dani, that she looks like shit. Destiny and Mathew, who have a confrontation over baby Drew.  A baby that according to Destiny, Mathew made a choice to not be a father.  Also in Shelter is the owner Blair, who tries and fails to flirt with a young guy who "Doesn't like cougars" Now Kassie Depaiva is stunning, and looks 25, what guy would turn her down? The answer is a stupid one.  But its enough to make Kassie sad as she looks around her club and as she says to Tea its as if shes babysitting. Even Natalie is too old for Shelter and goes home early and lays seemingly naked under a blanket on her couch.  

But back at Shelter Dani goes to Mathew asking where her stuff is...So it appears young feisty, tough Dani is dealing with her parent issues by doing drugs and it appears to be taking quite the toll on her.  She hides from her mother Tea, and ends up passing out sending Blair, Tea and Todd Manning to her side. Todd scoops her up rushing her out of the club. That's right everybody Todd Manning is back.  But if that's not enough all through the episode a hooded person is seen running around outside and at one point choking someone who is chasing him (or was chasing them I couldn't tell) killing the person.  So this hooded figure makes his way into the club and is seen watching as Dani is carried off.  Who is this man you ask? A not so trapped Victor Lord!


OVERALL:  I have to get use to the new way the show is filmed, but I like it.  The whole cast from the newbie Corbin Blue to the original cast members are all doing spectacular.  My one complaint is the audio during the club scene it seemed a bit off.  I am hoping that the club scene isn't used too much and they use other quieter sets as well.  I like that it is a tiny bit racier having the kids swearing isn't bad its realistic.  Having the ladies showing a bit more skin not too much for this guy.  Having relevant storylines like drugs, and teenage pregnancy makes it an even better soap opera.  I like how the first episode really set the show up great.  Natalie sad missing John obviously, Blair and Todd staring each other down, Dani and her downward spiral, Tea and her grief, and of course Viki and her on again off again feud with Dorian is clearly on again.  This is a must watch for any fan of any online show not just soaps it is spectacular and I am looking forward to more.  I do hope I see some more old timers return.


When We Last saw Mathew and Destiny.

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Mathew Buchanan and Destiny Evans had quite the complicated relationship leading up to OLTL fading to black.  Matthew met and befriended a feisty and sometimes too intelligent for her own good Destiny Evans.  Mathew met her when he felt very alone in a big school.  Destiny didn't see the point in fitting in.  She didn't believe in conforming.  Matthew tries impress a girl named Becca Salzman so he lies to his parents and informs them he smokes weed.  In a rage they almost send him to reform school until his parents find out that he is lying.  Mathew thinks Becca likes him as well, when she dances with him at a school dance. Unfortunately its a dare and  her, and her friend, humiliate Matthew publicly by announcing it at the dance.  Matthew runs out and urges Cole whom is a friend of the family and a drug addict currently high on drugs, to drive him away.  Even knowing of his less than sober state.  They crash, and Matthew is paralyzed from the waist down indefinitely


He is devastated by the news, but does not blame Cole, the person that was driving because it was Mathew's own choice to get in the car.  A young doctor named Greg Evans who happens to be Destiny's older brother.  Greg claims that he can perform the difficult surgery and give Mathew back the ability to walk.  However Bo and Nora, Mathews parents are horrified of the complications that could arise and forbids the surgery from happening.  Mathew decides to take his choices into his own hands.  He calls upon lawyer Téa Delgado (Florencia Lozano) to sue his parents for the right to make his own decision about the surgery.  Bo and Nora (who are at this time not together and Nora is involved with Bo's brother Clint) bond before Nora's marriage to Clint Buchanan (Jerry verDorn), and while hidden Matthew and Destiny see them kiss.  After the wedding, Matthew threatens to tell Clint if his parents do not allow him to have the surgery.  But not to be blackmailed his parents refuse.  But showing his love for his parents and his uncle he decides not to reveal the truth.  However, when In court, Tea the sharp, sometimes cold blooded lawyer attempts to use the secret that Mathew ordered her not to use, against his parents.  Mathew fires Tea after she is cruel to Matthew's half-sister Rachel Gannon on the stand,   Mathew ultimately ends up winning the case and is allowed to proceed with the surgery.  However Bo and Nora still have a trick up their sleeves.  A trick I still wonder how it could of been legal in anyway.  Bo and Nora send Matthew away to a boarding school in London.  But he ends up meeting Danielle who happens to be Téa's daughter.  Both are trapped there for different reasons but with the help of a perfectly timed visit from Mathew's best friend Destiny, the teens escape.  Matthew has the surgery and regains his ability to walk.  Deciding to come forward and confess something big to Mathew Destiny comes forward and confesses that she is in love with him.  But unfortunately Mathew olnly sees Destiny as a friend. (I hate the friendzone.)  Matthew soon shares a kiss with Dani; and the two eventually begin dating. However a school musical ends up being the thing that ends their relationship.  Dani meets Nate Salinger and is soon smitting.. Dani falls for Nate and dumps Matthew at, of all places his parents wedding.  Trying to be in his own way a loving supportive brother, Mathew's older brother David Vickers hires young Mathew a prostitute.  Heart broken, Matthew almost sleeps with her but instead he pays her not to sleep with him.  Mathew still hurt, decides to take his aggression out on Nate.  He ueses many occasions to torture and harm Nate.  Such as harassing him at the country club, where Matthew is a member and Nate works. And even points Nate out to a thug and the thug kidnaps and used for ransom to get money from Nate's girlfriend Dani and her father, Todd Manning.  

  (to left) Mathew, his father Bo, his uncle Clint, and (right) his brother David)

Matthew goes to work for his uncle Clint at Buchanan Enterprises.  He catches Rex Balsom breaking into Clint's office to gather information leading to Rex's biological father (who turns out to be Clint), and Mathew turns him over to security.  This information is useful and is used many times by Clint to blackmail Rex and Rex's biological mother Echo.  Clint hatches a plan to get Inez (who is Nate's mother) to seduce Bo, and has Eddie Ford (Nate's abusive crazy father) kidnap Nora.  Clint manipulates and lies to Mathew and convinces him that his parents are both cheating.  Mathew goes to Inez's apartment and sees his father, who is unknown to Mathew drugged.  Inez kisses Bo and sends Mathew into a tailspin and he leaves heart broken.  As he's driving away and calling Clint at the same time he nearly collides with a car that happens to have Rex and Nora in it.after Rex had rescued Nora from Eddie's room at the Minuteman Hotel.  Eddie was murdered, by whom, we dont yet know.  Destiny finds out her parents are her grandparents and her older brother Greg is her biological father, and tells her entire family she is done with them.  Both heart broken and vulnerable Matthew and Destiny share their first kiss,  Inez eventually is so guilty about the whole ordeal she admits that she had drugged Bo, and the two had not had sex.  Rex still gathering information about Clint while on the hunt for his biological father, finds evidence that Clint was at the Minuteman Hotel.  Bo and Nora are forced to charge Clint which is when Clint decides to reveal to the loving pair, that he was covering for Matthew, and has a recording of Matthew confessing.  He gives them the tape shocking the couple.  Clint went to the Minuteman to get rid of any evidence. Bo and Nora drop the charges against Clint.  A reporter wanting information why the charges were dropped goes to Desiny.  She antagonizes and manipulates Destiny for information about the whole ordeal.  Destiny accidentally implies that Matthew killed Eddie.  Matthew confesses everything to Destiny.  She tries comforting Matthew and the duo end up having sex for the first time.  

Later Destiny confides in Dani that Matthew killed Eddie and she ran and told her boyfriend Nate resulting in an argument between Nate and Matthew which ends in Matthew getting punched, and hitting his head on the coffee table. Clint confesses to the murder of Eddie ford to protect Mathew since Clint believes he wont receive a new heart and will soon die, this news crushes Mathew. He finally comes forward and confesses to his parents and as he does so he collapses.  He regains consciousness once at the hospital but is disoriented and doesnt know what year it is.  Matthew undergoes emergency surgery for a brain injury.  After the surgery Matthew falls into a coma. Mathew finally awakens weeks later but only temporarily.  Bo and Nora send him to a facility nearby.  Destiny finds out she is pregnant. which she then confesses to an unconscious Matthew.  Matthew flatlines before he is revived, and wakes up after a six month long coma.  What is the first thing he sees? A very pregnant Destiny and is shocked to say the least when he finds out that he is the father.  Mathew confides in Destiny that he doesn't know how he feels about being a teenage father.  Mathew becomes a spoiled brat and doesnt pay much attention to Destiny for awhile not wanting to accept the fact that he is going to be a father.  But after a pep talk from David, Matthews brain finally starts working and he agrees to be a father to his child. Destiny and Matthew brought their son Drew named after his later brother into the world at the end of One life to live right before things turned to black and we thought that was the last we saw of our llanview family. Starting tomorrow (April 29th) a whole new chapter begins involving Dani, Destiny, Mathew, Bo and Nora.  What will happpen? we will have to wait and see.

When we last saw Viki and Clint....

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Hello fans, friends and family of our beloved soap One Life to Live. I figured with a mere ONE DAY until the resurrection of our soap, i'd discuss Viki and Clint and their journey to each other. 

(picture courtesy of google)

Viki Lord and Clint Buchanan have been through hell and back together.  Both are unique and very complex characters.  Both have their darkside, but Viki is much softer and more loving than her current love interest Clint.. Clint had a heart attack and was up for a heart transplant, but the list was long of people needing a transplant. Clint found out that Gigi Morasco had seemingly died. Gigi is the love of Rex Balsom. The son of Clint's who Clint went out of his way to prevent Rex from finding out claiming he was not fit to be a member of his family. However after bargaining with; and being blackmailed by a distraught and desperate Rex Balsom, Clint was given the heart of a dead Morasco, seemingly Gigi's. Clint was forced to turn over his businesses and his mansion to Rex. However before finding out he was getting the heart, thinking he was on his deathbed he decided to die with a clear conscience and confessed to many crimes he had committed during the past year. Ranging from being responsible for his brothers wife to nearly be raped, hiring hitmen to rough up his daughters boyfriend, and even being responsible for hospital records being tampered with.

Clint is then put on house arrest and is residing in the home of one Viki Lord, his former love. The two start to rekindle their love when an old flame of Clint's arrives. Viki and Rex go to find information about a possibly not-so-dead Gigi but before she leaves Viki goes to say goodbye to Clint. She walks in and sees his old, much younger flame Kimberly in his arms kissing him. Kimberly finds out the whole ordeal with Rex and goes to his biological mother Echo and blackmails her into making Rex give Clint his life back. Rex laughs in her face, and refuses. So Echo decided the only logical choice is forgery. She signs Rex's name on the papers. Rex catches her but in a much better place now, willingly offers Clint all of his assets back. Clint in return told him to keep his mansion.

Once all that commotion is over Kimberly tells Clint that she loves him and wants a second chance to prove her love for him. Unfortunately for the sexy Kimberly, Clint's new heart much like his old heart is spoken for.  He is falling back into love with Viki.  Viki and Rex come back from their trip and Viki is none to happy with Clint.  The last Viki saw of Clint was when his lips were locked in a kiss with Kimberly.  But Clint confesses his undying love for Viki and states that nothing is ever going to happen with Kimberly and that Viki is his one true love.  The duo of Viki and Clint are together once more.  Days later its revealed that Gigi is alive and Clint has the heart of Gigi's evil sister. Rex and Gigi get married in Viki's home. The night of their nuptials the town is struck with a massive blackout caused by inmates at a local prison that just so happens holds many of the villains of Llanview through the years.

Allison Perkins arrives during the blackout. She was a disciple of Mitch Laurence before being arrested, and remained so in prison. Mitch was a cruel evil man who loved to wreak havoc on the life of Viki and her family. He also was believed to be the father of Viki's daughter Jessica which feeds his obsession for a long time. Allison arrives while the family is preoccupied trying to get Natalie Viki and Clints daughter free from Mitch who had kidnapped her in order to hold her up until his daughter Jessica agreed to go with him. Allison who is holding a gun on Viki and Clint reveals that Mitch was crazy and if she didnt switch the tests years ago that claimed Jessica was Mitch's daughter he would of killed Allison. So Allison changed the results to save herself. Allison shoots Viki and continues to rant as Clint collapses suffering yet another heart attack. They are eventually rescued and both make full recoveries and the last we hear of Viki and Clint, Clint proposes to Viki.

Can't We All Just Get Along?

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An idea that would probably kill the soap genre faster than ABC tried to.  I'm not talking about Todd Manning becoming best friends with Johm McBain.  Or Sonny Corinthos and Jax sharing a nice conversation over a cup of coffee.  I'm talking about this war between General Hospital and Prospect Park.  
For those of you who don't know the story I'll fill you in.  When One Life to Live ended its run, the soap world were ecstatic when Robert Guza was booted from General Hospital after many years reigning terror on our beloved Port Charles crew.  We then heard the new writer, and producer of General Hospital were none other than the former writer and producer of One Life to Live Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati. 

The former OLTL writers wanted to bring in a piece of llanview to keep the shows legacy alive' albeit on another soap.  Thus Todd Manning, John Mcbain, Starr Manning, Blair Cramer, and Tea Delgado made their way to Port Charles.  Fans of One Life to Live were psyched, but some GH fans were not so thrilled.  They believed the new characters take the place of beloved fan favorites.  Personally I was very excited over the prospect of seeing a possible combination of both shows. This of course was before we knew of the rebirth of One Life to Live.  I'll be the first to admit I dont know all the legal reasons behind why the characters were allowed to come to a different show.  The way I figured it, was that the characters were created by Carlivati and Valentini, as well as ABC still holding a certain right to the characters.  But that's just my opinion.  Anyway remember that rebirth I mentioned? Well that as spectacular as it was was the beginning of where things got sticky.  

Prospect Park was brinigng One Life to Live...back to life, giving it a second life. (pardon the pun I couldn't help myself) So they wanted Todd, John, and Starr the three characters that stuck around back.  The problem was all three characters had put down roots in Port Charles.  John was in the midst of a big storyline crossing over not just One Life to Live, and General Hospital but long cancelled General Hospital night time soap spinoff "Port Charles" A dark soap filled with Vampires, angels, and mere mortals.  Todd was finding love with long time trouble maker in her own right Carly Benson Corinthos Jax.  And Starr, poor Starr.  Starr came to Port Charles with her boyfriend Cole Thornhart and daughter Hope.  Within a day of their first appearance Cole and Hope were killed when their car was ran off the road and fell off a cliff.  Even though I am a fan of both OLTL and GH, this was unnecessary and simply sucked.  I know, I know even the writer himself wrote on Twitter "The bodies were never found" but it still was a slight slap in the face to us fans.  So anyway Starr put her life back together and fell in love with Michael Corinthos.  So now PP decides they want the characters back so no more Starr, John or Todd.  They all left town and from what I hear their names cant even be mentioned anymore.  This does nothing but hurt General Hospital and makes people angry at OLTL.  

*KNOCK* *KNOCK* *KNOCK* HEY PROSPECT PARK HINT HINT THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO PISS FANS OFF! THIS IS THE TIME TO COME UP WITH A RESOLUTION!  That ofcourse if it is them who are playing hardball and not just another BS tactic to harm GH by ABC so they can cancel it.  I dont know but all I know is it sucks for us fans.  The actors wanted to all stay on General Hospital okay than make an agreement and find a way to blend it into the OLTL storyline and let the actors go.  Don't let it be like prison and force the actors to go where they dont want to.  It is just so frustrating as a fan because I know thatit doesn't have to be so dramatic.  Save the drama for on screen not off screen.